Julia Krushkal

Associate Professor

Department of Preventive Medicine

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

e-mail: jkrushka{AT}uthsc.edu New email address!

Phone: (901) 448-1361

Research Interests:

Bioinformatics, Genomics, Statistical Genetics, Sequence Analysis, Gene Mapping, Gene Expression Analysis, Molecular Evolution
I use theoretical and computational analysis of genetic and molecular biology information. I am interested in identifying genes responsible for quantitative and qualitative traits, analyzing their sequences and studying their function and evolution. I am currently teaching BIOE 824, the Genetic Epidemiology course for graduate students in the M. S. in Epidemiology program at the University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center. In the past I have taught a variety of bioinformatics courses. To learn more about my research and teaching interests, please follow the links below.


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